Professional information

Professional Information

Terms and Conditions template

The SNAPIG established General Terms and Conditions of Sale used by most of its members and acknowledged by courts. Remember, this document is for use of the members of the SNAPIG only.

> Download the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Code of use governing the relations between photographic agencies and book publishers.

In 1976, both associations of photographers and photographic agencies that constituted the French committee of copyrights and the French Publishers Association gathered to define a Code of use as regards the use of images in the book publishing sector. This document was revised in 1993 in accordance with the evolution of the professions. It serves as a reference for courts.

> Download the publishing Code of use (only available in French)

Agreement on the respective responsibilities of News Magazine Publishers (SPMI), photographic agencies and photographers.

On May 17th, 2004, the associations of photographic agencies and the Information News Magazine Association came to an agreement on a common text in order to establish clear rules. It determines each member's responsibility regarding the use of images in the newspapers. This document particularly insists on the liabilities of authors and agencies as for the captions they provide. The newspaper publishers are responsible for their iconographic choice and its commercial or editorial context.

> Download the press Code of use (only available in French)

Contractual relations between agencies and contributing photo artists.

The SNAPIG places at its members' disposal a contract that determines the main points of the relation between the agencies and their photographers. In particular, the photographer claims authorship of the registered pictures, the validity of the captions and the eventual information related to the rights of third parties attached to the images. The document stipulates the percentage of collected copyrights payment, the extent of assigned rights and the duration of the contract.

Modal and property releases

The SNAPIG makes available to its members standard models of shooting consent and publishing authorization for photographed people and objects.

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