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The SNAPIG was founded in 1984 around the key idea of the respect of copyrights, in order to provide distributors, taking all press, publishing and advertising sectors together, with a « peaceful use of the image ».

The SNAPIG currently consists of 25 photographic agencies, ranging from the top international companies to the smallest structures. They have either general stock or specialised collections. In 2006, the member agencies accounted for more than 10 000 contributing photo artists and offered more than 6 million online images, generating over 32 million euros of turnover.

SIts activity evolves around three clearly-defined themes:

  • The SNAPIG is in permanent touch with all the professional and institutional actors of the communication, media and Culture sectors.
  • It watches over the legislative and jurisprudential evolution related to copyright and the image right.
  • The association supports its members by voluntarily taking legal proceedings every time the freedom to photograph or publish is endangered.
  • Finally, concerned about the increasing complaints in terms of image right, the SNAPIG helped setting up the Image Observatory. For the very first time, all professionals (photographic agencies, photographers, newspapers, books and postcards publishers as well as iconographers) gather around the practices and legal precedents linked to the image right and ponder about the role of the image in a constantly changing world.

The agency's role

To gather, organise and distribute

The agency is a real interface between contributing photo artists and image users; it collects and puts online the entrusted visuals. It checks the captions' pertinence and creates search engines to access images by keywords, organised in thesaurus. The agency gathers the information related to the rights of third parties and to the authorizations required to distribute images.

To advise and simplify

Thanks to the authors' complementary talents, the agency is the favourite interlocutor of the newspapers and advertising publisher. The permanent updating of the iconographic collection meets their search for visual originality. Moreover, the clarity of the contracts and the general conditions of sale ensure them a peaceful use of images.

To boost and promote

The agency listens to the market and offers photographers an optimization of their production, a production capacity of their images and the rigorous management of collected copyrights.

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info@snapig.com +33 (0)1 49 29 69 69

46 rue de la Mare
75020 PARIS

President: Gilles Taquet / Photononstop
Vice-presidents: Pascal Deloche / Godong and Emmanuelle de Lharminat / Kharbine Tapabor
Treasurer: Lydie Salaun / BSIP
Secretary: Véronique Martingay / La Collection