License Information

License Information


The SNAPIG members propose Rights-managed and/or Royalty-free licenses, depending on the contracts that bound them to their authors/photographers.

Royalty-Free (RF)

"Royalty-Free" does not mean "free of charge" since all the pictures are protected by copyrights. The expression "Royalty-Free" is a legal concept. It means that once the license rights have been paid for the use of the image, it can be used with no time or space limit – thus, permanently, in the whole world. Contrary to Rights-managed photographs, they can also be used with no frequency limit and for a very wide range of uses.

Royalty-Free pictures are governed by a license contract and the pricing is based solely on the file size of the product, not the specific use.

There is neither numeral nor temporal limit to the use. The granted license is personal and untransferable. It is not necessary to ask for an authorization for every additional use or to pay any additional royalties for successive uses of a RF image. Nonetheless, it is advised to check, from collection to collection, each user license contract that precisely defines the extent of the granted use.

The agency cannot grant exclusivity to this type of images nor manage the publications' account. Therefore, a same RF picture can be used by several clients and for several projects at the same time.

Rights Managed (RM)

Contrary to RF images, each use of a RM picture requires license rights. For instance, if the RM picture is used for 5 distinct uses, the license fees should be paid 5 times and their amount will depend on each use. Besides, there often is a time limit, beyond which the license rights must be paid again in order to keep using the same image.

The assignment of copyright is defined following restrictions on usage, such as the medium, type of support, its format and printing, limitations on size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution.

For any other use or re-use, it is necessary to first ask the agency a prior authorization and to possibly pay for a new assignment of rights. Thus, this new one-by-one management of RM pictures by the agency enables it to keep the account of its publications and to consent, if necessary, temporary, sectoral or geographic exclusivities. The RM is also a means for the client to preserve the originality of his communication or publications.

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