Our commitments

1- Respect and defence of the author's right

We undertake to respect the copyrights as defined in the law of March 11, 1957 and in the French Code of Intellectual Property of July 1, 1992

We mobilize to represent and defend our authors' interests in their relations with professional bodies and the administrations that aim at determining the functioning mode of our profession.

We undertake to have our authors' rights respected, to defend their economic rights and to take legal action against any excessive use or counterfeit of their photos.


2- Contract with our authors

We fulfil our photographers' commitments, in particular the property rights, the copyright and the calculation and payment terms of copyrights that the SNAPIG defined.


3- Respect of the rights of portrayed people and properties

We do everything possible to ensure our clients the peaceful use of our images. Restriction or derogation duly brought to our clients' attention excepted, we do our best to obtain portrayed people and properties' prior consent to the publication and distribution of pictures that represent them deliberately and openly.

We inform our clients of the preliminary and complementary authorizations they have to ask to the authors who possess the rights of the artistic works or equivalent rights, protected and which did not become public (architecture, work of art).


4- Clarity in our relations with the client

We all apply, systematically and strictly, the general conditions of lending and rental of photographic documents and assignment of copyright, as defined in the general conditions of the SNAPIG.


5- Confidentiality

We guarantee to all our interlocutors, either in charge of a newspaper, a communication campaign or more generally of a company, the strict confidentiality of the information we are given to enable us to carry out effectively our profession.


6- Trust

We scrupulously respect the contractual relations defined between each member of the association and its respective photographers. In this context, we don't accept tricks tolerated by the fact of adopting a pseudonym.

The duty of the agencies is to show mutual respect between them, to give up any unfair competition practices, and in general to avoid any behaviour that would mark down the market's services. In addition, they intend not to weaken the protection of their authors' moral and economic rights.


7- Liability

We share the same sense of liability towards our photographers by exchanging any information calculated to intensify the defence of their interests (for instance: social, fiscal, legal or judicial information, justice sentences).

We assume our belonging to a group whose values are the respect of the commitments undertaken between us and towards third parties, the recognition of our company's different identities and the common will to clarify and unify the practices of our profession.
Each time possible, we mention the common signature "SNAPIG" on all our respective publications.


8- In the future

We all mobilize to anticipate our profession's evolutions and ensure the durability of copyrights and of our vocation for defending it.

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President: Gilles Taquet / Photononstop
Vice-presidents: Pascal Deloche / Godong and Emmanuelle de Lharminat / Kharbine Tapabor
Treasurer: Lydie Salaun / BSIP
Secretary: Véronique Martingay / La Collection