Image Providers Call for Better Protection of Creative Works Online

Image Providers Call for Better Protection of Creative Works Online

On behalf of thousands of Image Providers, CEPIC (Center of the Picture Industry) has sent a Position Paper to the European Commission outlining its views regarding the insufficient protection of images online. The position paper provides policy recommendations on Framing, Host Provider Privilege and Implied Consent.
The Position Paper signals the start of a “Campaign for a Better Protection of Images Online” which aims at improving the legislative framework for image providers online and at bridging the “Value Gap” experienced also by other content providers: While more content is available online, benefits are increasingly realized not by those providing the content and bearing the costs but by internet platforms merely aggregating this content without the right holders consent.
Besides the Position Paper, the campaign will also encompass meetings with politicians in order to raise awareness for the serious concerns of the image industry.
Representing the entire image industry, CEPIC welcomes the views and support of other associations and companies. A summary of CEPIC`s Position Paper can be found below. If you are interested in joining the Campaign, please, contact CEPIC.


Read the up-date on the CEPIC website


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