About the Image Observatory

About the Image Observatory

The Image Observatory was founded in 1999 on the SNAPIG's initiative. It is an informal grouping of different image's actors – photographic agencies, book, magazine, postcard publishers, documentary films directors – represented by their professional associations.

Its goal is to denounce the excessive constraints and practices regarding illustration and to increase the media's, the magistrates' and the interprofession's awareness of problems linked to the right to photograph, to film or to publish.

That way, the Image Observatory is the heart of an exchange of ideas, consultation and propositions aiming at making mentalities and practices evolve. Moreover, it tries to draw the attention of those who consider photography as a source of creation, expression and culture.

The Image Observatory regularly distributes a letter of judicial information that mentions the evolution of the procedures related to the image's distribution. Each year, it organizes a conference of which the Acts are published.


– « Y'a pas photo, le réel confisqué », published for the Image Observatory's 10th anniversary
Download (only available in French)


– « Vues imprenables sur le patrimoine »
Download (only available in French)

– « Lettre d'information juridique de l'Observatoire de l'Image »
Download (only available in French)


– « Faut-il avoir peur des images d'amateurs ? »
Download (only available in French)


– « Image des personnes, comment déminer le terrain »
Download (only available in French)


– « Un pixel, des Picsous »
Download (only available in French)


– « Le citoyen face à son image »
Download (only available in French)


- « Images : la tentation sécuritaire »


– « Espace public, photo interdite »


– « Photographie, flou juridique, flou artistique »


– « L'Image à la dérive »

To download the documents published by the Image Observatory and/or for more information, visit www.lobservatoiredelimage.com

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President: Gilles Taquet / Photononstop
Vice-presidents: Pascal Deloche / Godong and Emmanuelle de Lharminat / Kharbine Tapabor
Treasurer: Lydie Salaun / BSIP
Secretary: Véronique Martingay / La Collection